Selection Preparation Course

Be ready for take off !
Flight Attendant interviews have evolved dramatically over the last decade. It is now one of the most competitive job markets worldwide and the process can be quite daunting for the unprepared.
Self-Introduction, Group Exercises, Personality testing and Panel Interviews are all part of the process.
Put all the odds on your side joining our outstanding 4-day preparation course adapted to the cabin crew recruitments of all Middle-East airlines.
What is inside ?
  • 4 full-day training in our training centres of Rabat or Casablanca
  • From 6 to 10 trainees maximum
  • Focus on practical exercises
  • Exclusive Flight Attendant Interview Workbook
  • Course fees : 4 000 DH (359€)
  • How to attend ?
  • Email us at
  • Contact us on 05 37 37 31 13
  • Training Program
    Module 1 - Psychological support to overcome the fright stage of interview
    Given that job interview is one of the most intimidating experiences for interviewees, you will gain confidence and be sure that good preparation is all you need to do to have a successful interview.
    Module 2 - Specificities of a job interview
    You will be aware of the way you should dress, the way girls should make up, the way you should speak, how to best use body gestures, etc.
    Module 3 - Resume Writing (CV)
    In workshops, you will be taught how to write a good resume in English, which you will practice in class.
    Module 4 - Online applications and online interviews
    You will be introduced to online applications, as it has become one the main ways to get a flight-attending job nowadays. Besides, you will have to practice what you have learnt in class by making real online applications when you go home.
    Module 5 - Work on your online applications
    You will speak about your experience with online application as a new and more effective way of applying for aflight-attending job. Problems faced during the homework doing will be solved.
    Module 6 - Commonly asked interview questions
    In workshops, you will be shown how to answer each question (what to say and what to avoid saying, etc) and you will also be helped to give original answers for every question.
    Module 7 - Listening to experienced cabin crew
    Candidates will listen to cabin crew working with Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, FlyDubai, etc. speaking about their fabulous experiences and how they could build up successfully careers as Cabin Crew.
    This training program is only given for information and is subject to modification and changes without notice.
    This training program is not directly related to specific airlines mentioned above but is perfectly adapted to the cabin crew requirements. Follow this extra-course is not mandatory to be selected as a Cabin Crew.
    Notre processus d'admission est simple :

    • 1ère étape :
      Remplissez notre formulaire d'inscription disponible ici.
    • 2ème étape :
      Contactez l'un de nos centres par téléphone.
    • 3ème étape :
      Vous serez invité à vous présenter dans le centre choisi pour un RDV d'admission (hors candidats internationaux).

      N'attendez pas le dernier moment pour vous inscrire, les places dans chacun de nos programmes sont limitées.

      Bonne sélection à tous !

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    Abir Y., hôtesse de l'air au sein d'Emirates

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